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Opinions please! It's kinda long but double please!Apartment mess!

Ok here is the deal. Our "lovely"apartment now has a huge hole in the hallway celing, our linen closet is gutted with no ceiling and our bedroom has three holes about 3'X3' in it. Why? I honestly don't know, something about heating? We moved in not even a month ago, why couldn't this stuff been fixed before?! I'm really mad...However here is this thing. First, we have multiple problems wth out apartment that the manager has seen and been told about @least 3 times. She left a vm last week saying she had guys comng over to fix things. Did anything get fixed that we had down? Noo...now we have huge holes everywhere. Last night we noticed 20 bucks missing from J's wallet which had been sitting on the dresser in our bedroom which the men(3-4)had been in alone for awhile. Now we don't want to go aroun accusing people of stealing but I remember seeing him put the 20 in his wallet the night before and we came straight home. We also searched the whole apartment and our cars and nothing...
The manager came over yesturday and said the guys would be here for awhile and when would be conveinant. I didn't want to be a bitch and I told her straight up that our classes started this week and so they would have to come after we get out. I really just didn't want those men here alone. I told her we were worried about the pets and she looked @ me with this authorative tone said well you could just get a gate so we could come whenever we want.
I'm really md about this. This is our first apartment. I love everything about t except for the fact that we have the holes and the things we asked to be fixed havent.
Also, I don't think these worker guys know what they were doing. They cut right into a live wire yesturday and were like Uh well....what should we do?

So...I don't know if A)I should complain @ all about the inconvienance of this all!B)Mention the missng money? c)Suck it up and live with it...

EDIT:Ok so of course they are here now and using like 50 billion electrical things and I just realized hey ths is going to up my electrical bill alot(this is using electric-alot of it, all day every day for im assuming @ least 2 weeks)should I mention this to the manager? I do not want to have to pay for ANY of this!
A part of me even wants some kind of money cut or something from the rent but that isn't realistic...thanks everyone.
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