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Sooooo, what's up? Lol Yes I haven't been here in forever. Here is a little update for you.

By the way I do have myspace and I actually do check it so if you wann add me it's www.msypace.com/justinsktertot

Anyways...so I'm back in Missouri. Kentucky was not the place for me. Even living with Justin didn't make me happy. So, I moved back home. Justin and I actually had some major problems this summer. Almost gave up on us after 4 years. I'm so so glad I didn't. He moved in with my family and I(we have like alittle basement apartment type deal set up...and it's free) and things are working well. I'm just so happy now and everything got put into perspective. I can't believe how close I came to just giving up on this and deep down I always knew I should't. He is amazing and seriously I can't imagine ever being with anyone else. We know now we can't take each other for granted. It will be 5 years on Sept 1.

In other news, I am back at school here. Still working towards Dental Hygiene. I never knew pre req's could suck so much. It will be 4 years worth of pre req's and then two years for the actual dental hygiene school. Plus, there is up to a 2 year waiting list to get into DH school, so I'm looking at at least 3, possibly 5 more years until I am done. NOT COOL! Oh well...I will be making really good money and have a great career, so it's worth it. Oh, and Justin is back to doing Pharmacy which is great. That's it for now, I miss you all and hope all of you are doing fantastic! Stay safe!
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